Privacy policies

Last update: May 28th.

Terms and Definitions

"We", "Flüüfff website", "Flüüfff", "Flüüfff non profit":
they all designates Flüüfff ASBL which is the non profit organising the Flüüfff convention and that owns the website.
cookies are files generated by your browser on the request of a website.


The cookies we use have for sole purpose to identify you on the website. They are not used to track your activity or retrieve any meaningful data, but only to ensure that you are correctly logged in.


You are giving us your consent to process and store some personal information about yourself. The information you are communicating to is required for your registration.

Some of this data is transmitted to third parties:

  • Your name, address and ID card number are sent to the Corsendonk Hotel so that they can process your booking.
  • Your name, address and email are sent to Ingenico to process your payment online (if you pay by Credit or Debit Card).

The same personal data is used for your registration for the convention per se and to generate your invoice.

Your birthdate is necessary so that we can ensure that you are over 18 years old at the start of the convention.

Even if you haven’t been until the end of the registration, your data will be stored so that it allows you to end the registration process later.

We will also use your email to send you important messages about your registration at Flüüfff, like updates on our terms and policies or changes about the convention schedule.

Retention of Personal Information

All the personal information saved on our databases will be removed one month after the end of the convention.

Your personal data is stored in a database in France.

Your rights

You have the right to:

  • Request that we remove any personal data if it is not necessary any more.
  • Request that we correct any faulty data.
  • Request a copy of all the personal data you provided us in an electronic format.
  • Please contact if you wish to make one of those requests, or for more information on the matter.

Automated Decision Making

The data assessed is not used for any kind of automated decision making by Flüüfff.

Data security

No software or hardware can be said to be completely secured against data breach, but we are doing our best to keep it as secure as possible from malevolent third parties.

Should any data be stolen, we will notify you about the incident and post a notice on the website as soon as we are able to.